Podcast #12 Riley Thompson on Gender Transition, Bipolar, Art, Creativity, and more

Riley kindly agreed to have a recorded conversation with me about her gender transition. We cover quite a bit of thematic territory during the conversation, so it is not exclusively about gender transition, but gender transition is the nexus of the discussion. Sub-topics are the condition known as bipolar, as well as art and creativity. 

Links to pages offering glimpses of some of Riley’s work:

Riley makes stuff and things

Riley on Facebook

Mentioned in the intro – The National Philosophical Counseling/Consulting Association (NPCA). 

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Quick request: I’m looking for short cell-phone audio recordings (1 minute to 1 min 30 seconds) where you speak about your perspective-broadening experiences. What happened, and how did it broaden your perspective? Send these to [email protected] and they may be incorporated into the start of the podcasts.