The Perspective Project Podcast – 001 Les Albrecht on Wine and Vaginas (and more)

Note: if you have followed along and listened to past episodes of the podcast, it may be confusing to see this episode branded as number 001. This is because, due to an increase in popularity of the podcast, I have had to change my podcast hosting platform, which has sparked a fresh to start to the podcast. Old episodes will be re-posted as time passes.

Perspectives on exercise from the guru of body movement

On this episode of The Perspective Project Podcast, Body Movement Guru Les Albrecht discusses her journey from professional dancer to full-time body-conditioning, Pilates, and yoga teacher. 

The primary focus is on the illusive pelvic floor muscle, its importance, and how to use it. We branch out from there and discuss a variety of exercise-related sub-topics. 

Les has worked with people from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of situations: professional athletes needing to up their physical performance, people who have had an operation and need to be rehabilitated, dancers who need to improve their form, to name but a few scenarios. 

She has taught body-conditioning classes, Pilates, and Yoga, for several decades, accruing the most excellent of reputations as a master of movement. 

More recently she has given presentations on the importance of the pelvic floor muscle, and on how to use it. 

She now works with people mainly online. 

Contact her on email: [email protected] and/or [email protected] and find her on facebook.

Podcast length:  2 hours 5 minutes.

File size: 60.5 mb.

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