Podcast #14 – Jonathan Silverman on art (and much more!)

Jonathan and I met in his art studio and spoke about a lot! Electric peanuts, India, Temples, Shifting focus from bodies to nature, What is art?, The making of art and the appreciation of art, Psychedelic aesthetic as induced by non-psychedelic experience,  The places Jonathan lived and worked, Art and the blurry distinction between individual and social endeavours, Identity, Performance art, Art as a career, And that’s where I’ll stop!

Check out Jonathan’s work at www.jonathansilverman.info. His art needs to be seen in real-space-and-time too though, so contact him through his site to arrange a visit to his studio.

An exhibition show-casing Jonathan’s work, opening in Cape Town in January 2020: www.99loop.co.za/events/jonathan-silverman 

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Quick request: I’m looking for short cell-phone audio recordings (1 minute to 1 min 30 seconds) where you speak about your perspective-broadening experiences. What happened, and how did it broaden your perspective? Send these to [email protected] and they may be incorporated into the start of the podcasts.   

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