Guided Day Walks

Use the contact form below to begin liaising with me about guiding you and/or your group on any of the trails I have listed below, all of which I am very familiar with. I have 15 years of hiking experience, with 2 long hikes per year under my belt, with day walks being prominent on my repertoire of regular activities .

I hope to be able to add a unique dynamic to the experience, with the option of chatting about any of the diverse topics that I have written about at The Perspective Project in general.


Sardinia Bay to Schoenmakerskop beach walk (4 hours, linear return)

Sardinia Bay to Kini bay beach walk (5 hours, linear return)

Maitlands river mouth to Blue Horizon Bay beach walk (2 hours, linear return)

Maitlands conservancy walks (various, circular)

Lady’s Slipper – direct route (2 hours, linear return)

Lady’s Slipper – rock scramble route (70% circular, 30% linear return, 3 hours)

Lady’s Slipper – back of the slipper up to aerial mast (2 hours, linear return)

Van Stadens’ Gorge – Voortrekker hall to small dam (circular, 3 hours)

Van Stadens’ Gorge – (3 hours, reservoir dam, past main dam, up to Legavaan pool, linear return)

Van Stadens’ Gorge – (5 hours, small dam, past big dam, up to Longmore, linear return)

Groendal – Lower Blindekloof (4 hours, linear return)

Groendal – The pool route from Upper to Lower Blindekloof (circular, full day, height of Summer only)

Hogsback – Baines Waterfall / Victoria Heights (circular, 3 hours)

Hogsback – Hog 1 to Madonna and Child (6 hours, linear)

Hogsback – Big Tree to Madonna and Child (3 hours linear, or 6 hours linear return)

Hogsback – Big Tree to Swallowtail falls (2 hours circular, 1.5 hours linear)

Hogsback – Secret Waterfall (2 hours, linear return)

Hogsback – Arboretum to Kettle Spout falls (3 hours circular)

Hogsback – Wolf River Gorge (6 hours, linear return)