The Perspective Project Podcast*

Episode 008 – Rudi Engelbrecht on Vipassana meditation and walking 4500 kms around South Africa

Episode 007 – Andrea Hurst and Belinda du Plooy on The Water Pilgrimage, a University Engagement Event 

Episode 006 – Sean Martin on Blockchain, disintermediation, trust, adding value, business, provenance, and more 

Episode 005 – Gary Koekemoer on WESSA, Nelson Mandela Bay, fish farms, bunkering, and more

Episode 004 – Extraordinary Professor Bert Olivier on All Things Philosophy

Episode 003 – Mike Raimondo from Green Renaissance (Amazing Short Inspirational Films) 

Episode 002 – Anton Botha (former Mandela-Rhodes and Fullbright Scholar, and United Nations Employee)

Episode 001 – Les Albrecht on Wine and Vaginas (and more)

*Note: if you have followed along and listened to past episodes of the podcast, it may be confusing to see that I have removed past episodes and re-started at episode number 001, with the content being different from the original 001. This is because, due to an increase in popularity of the podcast, I have had to change my podcast hosting platform. The old method (a google drive folder!) became problematic, stopping downloads and throttling download speeds when they could be initiated. Old episodes will be re-worked (i.e. improved) and re-posted as time passes.