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Podcast: Bert Olivier on all things Philosophy

Bert kindly agreed to have another recorded conversation with me in order to elaborate on several topics that arose in our first podcast, which can be found HERE.  We also explored a variety of new topics not covered at all in the first discussion. The quality of the first recording is terrible, so I am relieved for the chance to have another go at recording Bert – the quality of this recording is incomparably better than in the first attempt.

Bert’s Thoughtleader page: Bert at Thoughtleader

Bert’s articles at Researchgate: Bert at ResearchGate

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Podcast length: 2 hours

Podcast size: 107 mb

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Podcast / Talk / Lecture: Gil Germain, Thinking About Technology

This isn’t a traditional podcast (is there such a thing?), i.e. it’s not a conversation or interview.

It’s a talk / lecture by Prof. Gil Germain, recorded at Nelson Mandela University.

The focus of the talk is on some concepts and issues Gil covers in his book, Thinking about Technology: How the Technological Mind Misreads Reality.

No intro, no outro. Just the talk. It’s a pleasure!

Here’s one of my favourite quotes from the talk:

“As a human being, how do you maintain your humanity in a world that, in many ways, is robbing you of it? Baudrillard, at one point, half flippantly half seriously, says you have to shun anything that wants to care for you. All these enabling technologies, all these algorithms… They’re all well and good; it’s not as if they don’t do the job – that’s not the point. The point is they’re doing it for you. There are experts telling you what to do, what to say, what to eat. It takes, I think, a monumental effort of will to sort of push it back a little, to give yourself room to do your own thing, even if it results in you not making optimal choices. At least there’s some semblance of autonomy.”

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Talk length: 45 minutes (If you only have half an hour to listen, I suggest starting at 15:10 into the recording).

File size: 36.4 MB

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Podcast: Bert Olivier on Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, The Ecological Crisis, Capitalism, and More

This is Bert Olivier, a close friend and mentor, with his partner Marianna:

Bert’s formal title is Extraordinary Professor of Philosophy – apologies, in the intro I refer to him as remarkable professor, but this wrong (same-same but different!!). He has 47 or 48 years of employment and participation in the world of academia, and his publishing record is formidable. His in-depth philosophical knowledge is apparent within moments of speaking with him, and he has much to offer in the way of perspective and thought provocation. You can find many of his academic articles online, and he frequently writes excellent pieces for the Mail and Guardian’s thoughtleader platform. Link.

Apologies for the poor sound quality of the interview – I did what I could after the gremlins stole a small piece of recording kit that made it impossible to test the audio quality when going into the interview.

Short guitar lead-in to the interview is a snippet of Damian Williams’ beautiful acoustic guitaring, with me on the bass guitar.

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