The Digital Home of
David Pittaway


David's Offerings

A confidential safe space in which to have discussions that broaden perspective and address problems of living. Hosted by a non-judgemental, authentic, practical philosophical professional (PhD).

Authentic audio content for your online space, be it a website or your social media. Share the story of your business, showcase your company’s team, outline organisational change, and lots lots more.

Heaters, ovens, hot-water boilers, and saunas. Powered by rocket-stove-style technology. The most efficient wood-burning units ever invented. Perfect for people seeking energy independence.

David’s books: Permaculture Made Me Do It!, and Ease the Squeeze. David’s off-gridding guidance, based on many years of ecocentric rustic living. And David’s published academic articles, plus PhD.

Mission and Values

From the moment I could think for myself, I have been committed to unapologetic authenticity. This commitment is entwined with my passion for philosophy, critical thinking, Nature, and relative autonomy (a.k.a. independence, as demonstrated by my low-tech rustic lifestyle).

Part of my mission is to help people and organisations unleash or reveal their authenticity, be it via the philosophical consultations I offer, the podcast services I manage and facilitate, the off-gridding guidance that I provide, or the information that I offer in my books.

The rocket heaters, ovens, hot-water boilers, and saunas that I create are not only powerful and efficient devices that put the ball back in one’s energy court while diminishing one’s negative impact in Nature. They are also symbolic of doing things differently in an ecological context where things need to be done differently.

Having taken a deep dive via an ‘experiment in living’ (to quote J.S. Mill) since 2012, I have had to master some conceptual and practical skills to get me through to where I am today. Part of my mission is to share these and other skills and thereby assist people in their own life journeys. Contact me – I would love to be of service to you.

A Lot Going On?

Philosophical consulting, audio project management, off-gridding guidance, construction of rocket heaters etc., writing books, and more. It may seem to some people that I’m casting my net too wide. However, three things should be considered if that seems to you to be the case.

First, I am passionate about all my offerings. I love managing audio projects because I get to talk with new people in a deeper manner than ordinary conversation. Ditto the philosophical consultations, where I get to engage with others in a therapeutic way. My off-gridding guidance is an outcome of a principled lifestyle that I love. Writing is something that I became proficient at thanks to my PhD and Post-doctoral fellowships, and I enjoy it. Rocket-stove technology is part of the off-grid lifestyle, and also,quite simply, it is darn amazing!

Second, all my offerings are entwined thematically and emerged from an organic symbiosis. I studied Philosophy, which played a role in leading to alternative lifestyle choices, which led to teaching Philosophy and doing a PhD and Post-doctoral research. Philosophical consulting began in that context, and the more I listened to a variety of deep-dive podcasts, the more perspective I could offer clients. So I experimented with my own podcasts, and later found a niche in facilitating podcast-style interviews for others. Rocket stove tech, and all things ‘off-griddy’, are successful parts of my alternative lifestyle.

Finally, if I may say so, I do not bear the name “Action Dave” for nothing. I have a reputation for getting things done. Perhaps I am an unusual mix of philosopher and handy-man, but the mix seems compatible with philosophy as a way of life. And that way of life involves deep engagement with other people. I’d love to be of service to you, so feel free to contact me.