Trellising Granadillas



Here’s a quick set-up for trellised granadillas.  Some wood is first placed as the base layer (hugelkultuur), and then manure is used to raise the playing field so when it rains again these guys won’t drown.  A carbon layer is added, in this case dry grass.  And then another layer of manure and carbon.  The gradanillas are placed straight on top of this raised bed, and mounded up with good compost.  Mulch is added to seal in moisture.  As the bottom layers of manure and grass decompose, the bed will provide increasing fertility for the growing fruit creepers (they should grow to fill both trellises completely).  In a month or two, the rest of the bed should be hospitable to just about any sun-loving plant (the wall against which the trellises are on in north facing).