Polyphasic sleep log – evening of day 1

This is the second post for today, updating progress on the first day of the ‘everyman’ polyphasic sleep schedule I started last night and wrote about early this morning.

Other than this morning’s grogginess immediately after the alarm went off at 01:30, I’ve felt great all day with the exception of about half an hour, which I’ll comment on below. That’s from 4-and-a-half hours’ sleep: 3-and-a-half from 10 p.m. last night, and three 20 minute naps at 5:10, 9:10, and 16:20. The last of these I took 40 minutes later than planned without issue. I also definitely dreamt during the first two naps, meaning that I almost certainly hit the desired REM sleep for at least some time of the nap. On the whole, I think I’ve felt even more focused than I have been lately, which is to say a lot, seeing as after the Vipassana meditation ‘course’ I ‘completed’ on Feb 9th I’ve felt more focused than I can remember.

The one notable exception was while meditating the hour before the 5.10 nap. Halfway through (30 minutes) I did start feeling very tired, which is not a good state to be while trying to meditate. I went outside, fed the confused cat that followed me outside, who’s used to the old schedule (and who incidentally, is addicted to sleep); I got some air and returned to sit down and 5 minutes later had what felt like a waking REM moment. I was definitely awake, if quite eager for the nap, when I.. dreamt?… that a cartoon character called marsupilami I used to like as a kid went hopping crazily through a friend’s bedroom; the friend and a second friend were just sitting on the bed, backs against headboard, when marsupilami jumped from one corner of the room, onto the bed and over the friends, onto a chest of drawers, and towards the window. Very vivid, o=and over in a flash.

This was not like the usual distractions I occasionally have during meditation; this was way more like an ambush by a rogue dream. I won’t speculate about it further here, other than to suggest that I think it’s all a sign that I may need to adjust my schedule slightly, or move my meditation slot. Maybe if I had naturally hit a REM moment there without control, I should take the 5:10 nap at 4:40 instead. Alternatively, I could meditate from, e.g. 3 to 4, when I was certainly wise awake.

And come to think of it, if I was groggy after 3-and-a-half hours, maybe 3 would be better for me – I’ve read of either 3 or 3.5 hours being the core nap length, with the latter being occasionally called the ‘updated’ ideal amount of time for a core. Will have to look into it a bit more and play around with the schedule a bit.

Creativity has been noticeably improved. In between the physical chores of life on the plot and the academic work on the computer, I managed to pick up the acoustic guitar (I usually play bass guitar) and I tried to play Cog’s song ‘sharing space’. Not exactly a song easily translatable to acoustic, and impossible to sing, I discovered. But at least I tried, and enjoyed doing so.

In fact I’m wondering, if I can continue to feel this awake and alert and inspired, could the ‘uberman’ schedule be worth a shot? Too early to make a call; I’ll keep this going for a few weeks before making any decisions.