‘Bathroom’ – shower and compost toilet

Here’s a picture of the bathroom recently added to the homestead. It is made out of pallet wood and other accumulated pieces of wood gathered in the past year and a half or so. There’s a piece of clear roofing in the mix too for light.

The compost toilet is tucked away in the back left corner; made from the sides of an old pool table. It’s a bucket system, the flush being compost. The compost flush inoculates the humanure, so that when I do empty the buckets, the good bacteria have mostly dealt with the smell. When the buckets are full, the contents get cooked in the compost hotboxes, which can be seen in (much) earlier posts.

Importantly, it’s a UD system – urine diversion. A funnel diverts urine via pipe to bottles on the outside of the structure. Pee in the bucket would cause anaerobic conditions, which is when compost toilets go horribly wrong. There’s also a funnel-urinal sticking out close the left wall for my convenience, which ladies are welcome to use too!

The old cast-iron bath on the right is the base for the shower. We got it for next to no money, and it’ll last ‘forever’. Some old plastic protects the wood from getting wet. The water for the shower is from the mains for now: I used black plastic irrigation piping and coiled it on the kitchen roof (also a different post a while ago), so that’s where the hot water has been coming from.

There is a pulley system backup for hot water. Water is warmed on the rocket stove, poured into a thermal bag connected by pipe to the black irrigation pipe mentioned above, and hoisted quite high by the pulley. This provides a nice trickle of warm water for the colder days of winter, when the coil doesn’t heat up.