Woodwork / building update

Much time and energy lately has been spent preparing for and building these walls…


…and creating this new kitchen work space:


Not finished yet, but it’s been a while since the previous post, so this is just an indication of the continuing process at ‘the plot’. [Garden processes not commented on here; Emma has done excellent work to get the gardens buzzing with Spring activity – subject of a later post].

All of the wood used is ‘recycled’ – I buy it from a wood-lot a few kilometres away from the plot, from someone whose business it is to dismantle and sell pallets and crates used in industry. I sand the wood so that it is free from splintery pieces, but it always maintains something of its ‘used’ appearance, which generally adds character to the abode. There are also a few slabs of recycled vibracrete in the mix (seen in the second picture, bottom right), which lines the inside of a bottom cupboard in order to keep perishable food items cooler in that section.

It’s been super-busy, with all awake-time being directed to part of this building process, other plot activities (such as compost making), and academic work (lecturing, prepping lectures, marking). Accordingly, I have hardly been able to think of a blog post; I have spoken about ‘seasons’, literal and metaphorical, before, and this has been a fairly intense one. Once completed (a week or two away), the old shed area will be a comfortable open plan ‘lounge’ and kitchen area, which comes in good time for the busier Summer season.

I should add that the pictured kitchen nook (etc.) is a manifestation of many months worth of preparation and material accumulation, as discussed in this post. The progress is incredibly slow to begin, but at some point recently the hard work started paying off, with the area being more and more accommodating and functional.