The permaculture chapter: twelve principles

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Note: the content below is all in first draft format. It will change considerably during the time it takes for the study to be completed (especially by way of more academic support, generally). I post now ‘for interest’s sake’.

As stated at The Permaculture Association’s website[1], these “principles are inherent in any permaculture design, in any climate, and at any scale. They have been derived from the thoughtful observation of nature, and from earlier work by ecologists, landscape designers and environmental science.” The importance of specifying permaculture principles is perhaps encapsulated in the following remarks by Mollison (1988: 3) – note the flexibility afforded to one who may wish to apply the principles (attention is drawn to this tolerance for flexibility by way of added italics):

It has become evident that unity in people comes from a common adherence to a set of principles, each of us perhaps going our own way, at our own pace, and within the limits of our resources, yet all leading to the same goals, which in our own case is that of a living, complex, and sustainable earth. Those who agree on such ethics, philosophies and goals form a global nation.

[1] accessed 18 January 2016

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