Tour of 5 year old rustic abode

A brief tour (19 minutes) of the rustic abode that my partner and I have lived in for 5 years. There was nothing but an empty lawn when we arrived, and now it is bursting with plant-life. No added cement or concrete, no sewer system, no fridge or geyser/boiler or dishwasher etc. To quote Paul Hawken from his book, ‘Blessed Unrest’, “[T]he way to change the world is to change one’s own practices, including one’s home, source of energy, method of agriculture, diet, transport patterns, and communities. … [Y]ou can’t get there from here by any mechanism that depends on support from institutions that benefit from the status quo. …[P]eople [must] re-examine how they behave and consume in their own lives. The movement can be seen as weak when measured against large institutions, but its goals are more important. The goal is to create a more resilient social and economic understory in what is basically an oligarchic world, a powerful act that restores a measure of autonomy and power to citizens.”