Podcast #9: Dan Cornick on The Amatola Hike, Away With The Fairies (famous Hogsback backpackers), an encounter with a fairy, and more

“A lot of the hikers I deal with have done pretty much all of the hikes in the country. I don’t think I have ever heard anybody say there is a more tough one. It is the toughest. But everybody who does it says it’s the best one they’ve ever done too.”

Dan Cornick and I met up in Hogsback and had a conversation about the astoundingly beautiful (but tough) Amatola Hiking Trail, his backpackers (aptly named Away With The Fairies), his Amatola Trails business (which services the hike), the beauty of the mountains, an interesting fairy experience he had at the backpackers, and meditation and mindfulness.

Visit the backpackers site at Away With The Fairies

Visit the Amatola Trails site at Amatola Trails