Podcast #5: Gary Koekemoer on WESSA, Nelson Mandela Bay, fish farms, bunkering, and more

“What we need to do more of is to look at your verge, your area of influence, and say how do I make that a pocket of excellence…”

“You have to find ways in the space that’s available to you to do the things that have meaning for you in such a way that sustains you.”

Gary K is an open-water long-distance swimmer, Chairperson of Algoa Bay’s WESSA branch, Herald newspaper column writer, patient activist, pragmatic idealist, PhD candidate studying questions about race, and more!

He was kind enough to have a recorded conversation with me in my studio on a day when the temps hit 37 degrees. We cover a wide range of topics, some of which are: how to work out the questions that will lead us to a better place, some of the opportunities that exist in the Nelson Mandela and Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth region, some historical background to the area, the proposed fish farm, bunkering, activism, pockets of excellence, and more.

See Gary’s column at the Port Elizabeth Herald: LINK

Gary on Twitter: LINK

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