Podcast #16 – Kevin Abraham on music and business successes

“Gimme whiskey, gimme jamming, gimme blues.”

“It’s very cliched, but it’s just so true: if you have a passion for what you’re doing, it changes everything.”

Kevin Abraham joined me on the podcast to chat about his approaches to his music and business, arenas in which he has had commendable success.

We talk about: Guiding principles derived from martial arts, Karate ‘then and now’, A martial art as a way of life versus its (mostly) presently popular competitive and sporting focus, Key ingredients in Kevin’s successful music career, the music scene ‘back then’, having a plan, the broad characteristics or features of a good plan, the virtue and origins of very structured approaches, uncertainty, yachting to and performing in Europe and ending up in Israel (where Kevin met his wife), the vibrancy of the music scene in Israel, barefooting it, managing uncertainty, marketing as a key consideration in performance strategy, lyrical content, Kevin’s relationship with Johnny Clegg, big data and autonomy, big data and consumerism, some of Kevin’s experiences elsewhere in Africa, and his move to Cypress.

Opening song by Kevin’s most recent music project, Folkify.

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