CMR Audio Project – Episode 2 – Prof Janine Adams

As part of my post-doctorate position at the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research at the Nelson Mandela University, I get to interview people who have a link to the CMR, or whose work is relevant to the broad scope of the CMR.

Episode 2 is with shallow water ecosystems expert, Prof Janine Adams. Here is an extract of Janine’s Bio over at a Nelson Mandela University website (LINK): “Prof Adams’ current research focus areas are blue carbon ecosystems and response to climate change, mangrove and salt marsh ecology, and water quality management of estuaries. Prof Adams plays an important role in ensuring that science and knowledge of aquatic environments is communicated to managers and policymakers. She has published over 150 articles in peer-reviewed research journals and has made a significant contribution to global knowledge on shallow-water ecosystems. Her work is nationally and internationally acclaimed, and she is regularly sought out as an expert on international scientific panels and symposiums.”

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Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in the CMR audio project episodes are those of the participants alone, and do not necessarily reflect any position of the CMR of the Nelson Mandela University.