South African Uni’s Vax Mandate Lawsuits: Will The Tyrants Be Held Accountable?

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In a disgraceful show of group-think and blatant disregard for Constitutional rights, several decision-making panels of employees at various universities in South Africa decided to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for staff and students starting the 2022 academic year. Among these institutions are the University of the Free State (UFS), Rhodes University, the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, and the University of Johannesburg.

Recently, however, the ivory-tower bureaucrats responsible for the UFS mandate must have choked on their morning lattes when they heard the news that their Draconian policies are being challenged in two different court cases — news of this was released via UFS email on 1 February 2022. The email does not state that the mandate has been temporarily suspended, but the fact that the court cases are going ahead legally implies that the UFS cannot enforce its mandate because when in a court dispute, the disputed action must be suspended. While this may have come as a surprise to the people guilty of defiling basic democratic rights, the previously-silenced critically-minded among us saw this coming.

For example, the Joe Zombie Biden administration in the USA had to drop its vaccination mandate measures after “the Supreme Court blocked the policy and ruled the federal government had exceeded its authority in imposing it”, and a couple of weeks ago, Boris Clown Johnson dropped all lockdown and jab mandates completely. The Czech Republic also dropped its mandate measures against the virus bogey-man. There are more examples, and more will surely arise in the following weeks and months of early 2022 as the world returns to its senses after two years of fear-mongering.

Those are just a few of many instances where completely unreasonable bureaucratic interventions have been lifted. South Africa has lifted even more measures once imposed onto citizens of the country, though it can of course be asked if any measures made sense in the first place. The fact that such obviously tyrannical measures could have been imposed at all is absolutely unacceptable, because they arose in what was always a bubble echo-chamber of censored information where the vast majority of what was allowed to filter through was propaganda endorsed by institutions with vested interests in the official corona-virus narrative. That bubble has now burst.

The official narrative never made any sense to those of us who did any of the following: 1) thought critically 2) understood the nature of disaster capitalism 3) knew anything about history 4) knew the definition of propaganda 5) followed the money. One would think that university employees would know how to do any of this, but the policies vomited out by the panel-members show that the extremely well-paid panel-members simply enjoyed their free lunches for as long as possible while lemming-like they followed the corona-virus Pied Piper.

In light of the global trends already highlighted above (more info here), the lawsuits against the UFS will undoubtedly be successful. Beyond the global trends, mere minutes of looking into the South African constitution will leave one aware that the jab mandates are clearly discriminatory. The censored information (that was always available if anyone bothered to look) about vaccine injuries shows unambiguously that the mandates were and are against a person’s right to bodily integrity. Freedom of movement and freedom of religion, as well as the right to education, also come into the mix.

The UFS will be the first university to face the music of Justice, and other universities will quickly have to drop their inhumane policies that were never based on a full spectrum of information and data in the first place. The panel-members who made these types of unforgivable decisions will look like absolute idiots, and they deserve to have their noses rubbed in it. Let me say to the panel-members, on behalf of thousands of critical thinkers and defenders of freedom: Shame on youYou should have known better.

The people who punted mandate policies (and, while we’re at it, lockdown policies) will unlikely be held to account within their own institutions. It is the members of society at large who will have to take further action. If you are confused about where to start, find out who was on the decision-making panels that concocted the mandates, which will require you to do some basic research. A good start will be to use the following search criteria: “Vaccine Mandatory South Africa”, and to set the time-period to 2021.

If you do that search, you will find articles like this one that appeared in The Conversation: “Why COVID-19 vaccines should be mandatory in South Africa”. It was written by Keymanthri Moodley, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medicine and Director, The Centre for Medical Ethics & Law, Stellenbosch University. Moodley takes money from “the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA for bioethics research and speaker fees from various pharmaceutical and other medical organisations”. There we go — you now have one name and face, as well as a motive. There are more — do a bit of digging and you will find them.

While you are at it, add to your guilty-party list the names of companies like Discovery, Game, Standard Bank, and Big Concerts. They have all enforced the most biased of jab mandates, and they are not alone. An MTN spokesperson, for example, stated that “[t]he science is clear. Vaccination against Covid-19 reduces rates of serious infection, hospitalisations and death.” Considering that all the vaccination drugs have not been around for long enough to know very much about their effects, and that several years of research will be necessary to make any statements about “the science”, MTN should be held accountable for its lies at best, and crimes against humanity at worst considering the data that is emerging about “vaccine” injuries and deaths. Ditto other institutions making such bogus claims.

If you were part of the decision-making panels that imposed jab mandates in any context — university, business, or government — you should be seriously ashamed of yourself. But more importantly, you should never have any position of any influence ever again. You acted like a tyrant, you boycotted critical thinking, you defiled democratic and human rights, and you endangered human life. You looked busy in air-conditioned offices while enjoying your free lunches, while trying to restrict and limit God-given rights and freedoms, the infringement of which has historically resulted in the most severe penalties for offenders in situations such as the Nuremberg Trials.

It is up to the public to prevent these types of uncritical, unquestioning, undemocratic tyrant wannabes from doing what they have just tried to do in the future. As it is said, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. To the people pushing back with lawsuits, let me commend you. May there be many more of the brave-hearted, of the people who understand what is at stake if the tyrants get their way. May we never forget the injustices that have been committed during 2020, 2021, and early 2022 — and let us also remember that the offenders have names and addresses.