Gorge Therapy

An essential ingredient in the recipe for healthiness and happiness is getting out into nature and deliberately, mindfully engaging with the experience of being in a natural environment. Emma and I facilitate this kind of ’embedded experience’ for interested individuals and groups of people. Contact me and come see for yourself what a few hours of gorge therapy can do to refresh and revitalize.

Emma has an academic background in psychology and sociology and lectures at Rhodes University. I have a Philosophy PhD, a certificate in Logic-Based Therapy (the formal methodology of philosophical therapy), and I’m currently completing a post-doctoral fellowship. These backgrounds should put one’s mind at ease that you are not going to be dragged into the woods and robbed by scammers! More important than our formal credentials, however, is our passion for being out and about in the great outdoors, a passion that may bring even the most reluctant couch potato to take a dip in a cold water gorge pool!