A brief scroll through the posts at this webpage will reveal that permaculture features heavily.

In 2012 my partner and I completed our PDCs – permaculture design certificates – under the guidance of renowned UK permaculturalist Aranya.

I returned to South Africa with my partner and together we set up a rustic permaculture homestead, where we rejected the green veneer of pseudo-sustainability and instead jumped into the deep end of the real thing, building our abodes from scratch, composting our own humanure, growing as much as we could in our gardens, using as little electricity and appliances as possible, and adapting our lives to try and resonate with the tune of nature – as far as we have found this to be possible, that is.

We each have 5 years of hands-on experience living what we believe to be a permaculture lifestyle. We are not self-sufficient, and make no claims that two people can achieve the much speculated-about platform of self-sufficiency. However, we provide a great example of what a rustic permaculture approach, lifestyle, system, ethos, etc. looks like.

My partner, Emma, is an edible-weed and medicinal-plant fundi; she sees to the bulk of the work required to plant things, grow things, and keep things alive in our gardens. She also tends to add into her permaculture mix-of-knowledge a plethora of relevant information from her expertise in Sociology, Psychology, and Development Studies.

I’m more of ‘systems-guy’ in the sense that I do the ‘rustic-abode’ building and maintenance, and I make the compost etc. I tend to add into my permaculture mix-of-knowledge a wide-spectrum of thought provoking philosophical twists and turns.

Use the contact form to contact me/us if you are interested in getting a group of people together for an ‘Intro to Permaculture’ day-course. If you are hosting a permaculture course, use the form to contact me/us about facilitating parts of the course – our academic teaching/lecturing experience and qualifications make for added levels of professionalism in this regard.