The Perspective Project Podcast

Quick request: I’m looking for short cell-phone audio recordings (1 minute to 1 min 30 seconds) where you speak about your perspective-broadening experiences. What happened, and how did it broaden your perspective?

Send these to [email protected] and they may be incorporated into the start of the podcasts.

Episode #19 – Sharon Rudman on Ideology, Discourse and Identity in Post-apartheid South Africa

Episode #18 – Lloyd Edwards from Raggy Charters

Episode #17 – Mark Marshall on Snakes, Snake Handling, Conservation (and more!)

Episode #16 – Kevin Abraham on music and business successes

Episode #15 – Karen and Corné du Plessis on Food and Nihilism (and much more!)

Episode #14: Jonathan Silverman on art (and much more!)

Episode #13: Das and Clara on Shamanism, initiations, conscious living, meditation, and more

Episode #12 – Riley Thompson on Gender Transition, Bipolar, Art, Creativity, and more

Episode #11 – Ian Buchanan on Assemblage Theory (Deleuze), Control Society, and More 

Episode #10 – Angie and Rod on Learning Clan, an off-grid, co-created talent exchange community village in the forest

Episode #9 – Dan Cornick on The Amatola Hike, Away With The Fairies (famous Hogsback backpackers), an encounter with a fairy, and more

Episode #8 – Rudi Engelbrecht on Vipassana meditation and walking 4500 kms around South Africa

Episode #7 – Andrea Hurst and Belinda du Plooy on The Water Pilgrimage, a University Engagement Event 

Episode #6 – Sean Martin on Blockchain, disintermediation, trust, adding value, business, provenance, and more 

Episode #5 – Gary Koekemoer on WESSA, Nelson Mandela Bay, fish farms, bunkering, and more

Episode #4 – Extraordinary Professor Bert Olivier on All Things Philosophy

Episode #3 – Mike Raimondo from Green Renaissance (Amazing Short Inspirational Films) 

Episode #2 – Anton Botha (former Mandela-Rhodes and Fullbright Scholar, and United Nations Employee)

Episode #1 – Les Albrecht on Wine and Vaginas (and more)

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