CMR Audio Project – Episode 8 – Mrs Zanele Hartmann

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As part of my post-doctorate position at the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research at the Nelson Mandela University, I get to interview people who have a link to the CMR, or whose work is relevant to the broad scope of the CMR.

Episode 8 is with Mrs Zanele Hartmann, who is soon to submit her PhD study, so if all goes well then she will soon carry the title Dr Zanele Hartmann. The focus of her study is the Swartkops estuary as a Social Ecological System.

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Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in the CMR audio project episodes are those of the participants, and do not necessarily reflect any position of the CMR or the Nelson Mandela University.

Podcast #17 – Mark Marshall on Snakes, Snake Handling, Conservation (and more!)

“If you enjoy something, and you’re passionate about it, you’re going to make something happen with it”.

“If you break the wall of ignorance, then interest kicks in. And when interest kicks in, conservation kicks in.”

Mark Marshall is known in Port Elizabeth as the local snake handler, and he kindly agreed to have a chat with me in which he reveals a bit about what makes him tick.

Topics include:

A little bit about Mark, the PE snake park, Bayworld and dolphins, on Mark’s fascination with snakes, Sandula Conservation, development, the relocation of sensitive fauna and flora due to the construction of the Bay West mall, conservation education, legislation and EIA, wind farms, Mark’s time as a River Control Officer and thereafter as an Environmental Consultant, Sandula Conservation’s Facebook page, the impact of fires on habitat, a glimpse at the Sandula Snake Handling course, a Rinkals story, other close shaves, what to do if bitten, on Mark not having a favourite snake, snake symbolism, Sandula donations, children’s conservation books coming in 2020 (illustrators needed).

Contact mark via Whatsapp: +27 82 261 9280

Sandula Conservation:

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